Winston County High School opened its doors in temporary headquarters in September of 1908. Although not yet completed, supplied with furniture, library, or laboratories, the facilities included a large auditorium where classes were held until after Christmas. The new building of native sandstone was completed the following spring at a cost of $9,500. 

This school building burned in the fall of 1913 and school was completed in the fall of 1914, but when the schools consolidated, the building would not accommodate the students, so plans were made for a larger building which was erected in 1930 and in 1935 additions were made. In 1939, WCHS was altered again and new construction was added to house both elementary and high school. This building was located in downtown Double Springs and used until January 30, 1971, when it was consumed by fire. Classes were held in mobile homes until construction began in 1972 and in 1973, a new facility was completed and the students had a separate school for elementary. This present 90 acre school is located on County Road 24.


Adkins, Onyx
Baldy, Roy
Brown, Patsy
Chambers, Edward
Chambers, Olive
Cleghorn, Marjorie
Cofield, Vonda
Davis, Willodean
Dodd, Frank
Elliott, Opal
Falls, Earl
Garrison, Billy
Gray, Gladys
Hampton, Linnis
Kilgore, Cicel
Maddox, Addie
Martin, Preston
McCullar, Ernestine
McCullar, Laura
Noblett, Carlton
Pulliam, Lee
Rose, Winfred
Seymour, Corbin
Spain, Julia
Stevens, Velma
Thomas, Ray
Vaughn, Phyllis Ruth
Wakefield, Ada Mae
Whatley, Preston
Williams, Lora

Bonds, G.W. Jr.
Cockrell, R.L. Jr.
Crittenden, June
Glover, Horace
Hunter, Ina
Jacobs, Hazel
Jones, Nellie
Lovelady, Ruby
Lovett, Mildred
McCullar, Ethel
McCullar, Onella
O’Mary, James
Pulliam, Marshall
Robinson, McClain
Rose, Helen
Rose, Jackie
Snoddy, Sam
Thomas, Charlie

Adams, Ralph
Aldridge, Dorothy
Berry, Inez
Bonds, Marshall Mae
Bull, Junior
Cagle, Bernell
Cagle, Magene
Covington, J.W.
Davis, Edna
Falls, Lorene
Key, Avis
King, Helen
Lovett, Neil
Marlow, Junior
Martin, Bertha
McDonald, Captolla
Mote, Della
Overton, Marie
Poore, Minnie
Pulliam, Mildred
Rowland, Dixie
Snoddy, Edd
Whatley, Clow

Abner, Geneva
Berry, Desmer
Berry, Norman
Blake, Lloyd
Cockrell, Olivia
Dodd, Mary Catherine
Elam, J.J.
Farris, Estelle
Godsey, Pernie
Hadder, Carmen
Hicks, Jewell
Hunter, Howard
Hunter, Kathleen Davis
Lovelady, Jack
Lovelady, Russel
Martin, W.H.
McCullar, Obera
McKee, Dawson
Noblett, Ray
Phillips, Arley
Pulliam, Willodean
Reeves, Lavine
Shaddix, Louise
Steele, Mavis
Taylor, Nettie
Weaver, Bernice
Weaver, Sam
Wolfe, Hollis


Baccus, Hazel
Bailey, Orville
Cole, Leldon
Davis, Doris Ruth
Glover, Hazel
Kidd, Floris
Melson, Josephine
Mize, Loree
Overton, Sleetie
Pulliam, June
Vaughn, Doris
Wakefield, Arlin
Wakefield, R.C.

Bailey, J.N. Jr.
Brown, Charles
Gilbreath, Evelyn
Godsey, Maudie
Hampton, Spurgeon
Howell, Nadine
McCain, Agnes
Mize, Azilee
Prestridge, James
Pulliam, Juel
Pulliam, Lorene
Rose, Betty
Snoddy, Fay
Steele, Helen
Taylor, Eugene
Thomas, Verlene
Williams, Nadine

Barr, David Lewis
Barton, Perlie
Berry, Mary Weaver
Brown, William M.
Cockrell, Alonzo Bailey
Curtis, Laura
Davis, Evelyne Frauline
Hilton, Eula Eugene
Hood, Iva June
Howell, Sara Frances
Jones, Sam
Knight, Harlan Davis
O’Mary, Lee
Pair, Llondalyne
Rose, Betty Juanita
Steele, Edna
Walsh, Peggy Baughn
Weaver, George
Williams, Joyce

Cagle, Wayne
Cauthen, Otis
Curtis, Eldon
Denton, Buna
Elliott, Bernice
Farris, Billy
Glover, Ethel Lyle
Gray, Letha
Hart, Nelline Crittenden
Hunter, Curtis
Jones, Windom
Lee, Pauline
Mann, LaVelle
Martin, James
Martin, Noal
Moody, Chalmas
Shaddix, Dorothy
Steele, Ann
Stone, Ola Pugh
Veal, Madeline Mize
Walker, Lois
Williams, Raynell
Wilson, Anna Jean
Wolfe, Maxine


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