1920 - 1929


Winston County High School opened its doors in temporary headquarters in September of 1908. Although not yet completed, supplied with furniture, library, or laboratories, the facilities included a large auditorium where classes were held until after Christmas. The new building of native sandstone was completed the following spring at a cost of $9,500. 

This school building burned in the fall of 1913 and school was completed in the fall of 1914, but when the schools consolidated, the building would not accommodate the students, so plans were made for a larger building which was erected in 1930 and in 1935 additions were made. In 1939, WCHS was altered again and new construction was added to house both elementary and high school. This building was located in downtown Double Springs and used until January 30, 1971, when it was consumed by fire. Classes were held in mobile homes until construction began in 1972 and in 1973, a new facility was completed and the students had a separate school for elementary. This present 90 acre school is located on County Road 24.

1927 Football

Baughn, Annie
Burns, John D.
Curtis, Agnes
Curtis, Leslie
Lyle, Clarence
Rice, David
Rowe, George

Banderford, Murphy
Bass, Harvey
Burdick, Burton
Cowart, Effie
Curtis, Otto
Garner, Lillie
Godsey, Palmer
Howell, Ester
McCullar, Irine
Mitchell, Basil
Mitchell, Otis
Phillips, Pearl
Tingle, Alma

Aaron, Lurline
Adkins, Opal
Tidwell, Era
Barnes, Mertis
Blake, Cora
Briscoe, Clara
Crittenden, Sylvester
Davis, Andy
Davis, Sally
Fincher, Burton
Hambrick, Margaret
Howell, Grielda
Jones, Raymond
Mitchell, Charlie
Nix, Elbert
Reeves, Ruby
Shaddix, Cecil
Short, Luke
Thorton, Freeman
Tidwell, Pinkney
Tidwell, Theo E.
Trimble, Hurse
Wakefield, Tolbert
Watkins, Stanley
Weaver, Aaron
Welborn, Irving
West, P.M.

Battles, Nora
Curtis, Chlora
Rowe, Ervin

Abbott, Odis
Andrews, Jeff
Blake, John T.
Boshell, Harvey
Butler, Lena
Cockrell, Ila
Hamner, Oslin
Hilton, Otto
Kelly, Lela
Long, Eugene
Mitchell, Iotia
Rivers, Pernie
Robinson, Annie
Semour, Gertrude
Sides, Edgar
Taylor, Honor
Taylor, Wallace
Weaver, Maude
Welborn, Lucy
West, Ruby

Aaron, Otho D.
Adkins, Pearl
Alford, Myrtle
Barnes, Robert
Blake, Lacy
Boshell, Henry
Briscoe, Dallas
Briscoe, Orville
Burns, Amy
Curtis, Mayme
Daves, Mildred
Davis, Palmer
Davis, Viola
Falls, Bertha
Gilbreath, Lucy
Howell, Hattie
Howell, Pernie
Ivey, Eunice
Jones, Ray
Love, Viva
Lyle, Roy
McCullar, Flor
McCullar, Floy
McCullar, Ida
Mize, Willie
Steele, Andrew
Steele, Arthur
Tidwell, Howard
Willis, Myrtle
Alford, Daisy
Baggett, Lois Briscoe
Baughn, Elbert
Blake, Velma
Boteler, Mildred
Bradfield, Grace
Bradfield, Violet
Burdick, I.B.
Burns, Alice
Burns, Thomas
Chambers, Leonard
Chambers, Myrtle
Howell, Edgar
Howell, Madge
Hunter, Bert
Hunter, Dura
Ingle, Lovely
Ivey, Floy
Jones, Alice
Jones, Mrs. Raymond
Kidd, Elbert
Long, Spurgeon
Looney, Leola
Lovelady, Sherman
Lyle, Troy
McCullar, Ila
Mitchell, Stella
Mize, Leonard
Seymour, Carrie
Smith, Otto
Snoddy, Era
Stevens, Sylvester
Tidwell, May
Tingle, Thomas
Vandiford, Levi
Vaughn, Gladys
West, Talmadge
Whatley, Jesse
Wilson, Belle

Barton, James Jr.
Bonds, Coleman
Bufford, Isabell
Curtis, Ada
Curtis, Ruby
Hill, Mattie
Hilton, Burnice
Kelly, Velma
Martin, Lillie
Robinson, Orion

Adkins, Emerald
Barnes, Eugene
Baughn, Amy
Blake, Helen
Blake, Julius
Briscoe, Earl
Burns, John H.
Cagle, Homer
Curtis, Jack
Davis, George
Davis, James
Davis, Jess
Elam, Emory
Falls, Eleanor
Martin, Beulah
Martin, Vester
Mize, Dora
Pugh, Lollia
Robinson, Bert
Steele, Dovie
Tidwell, Bessie
Tingle, Erselle
Wakefield, Evaline
West, Helen

Aaron, Elaine
Barton, Fred
Bearden, Clyde
Blake, Howle
Blake, Robert F.
Burdick, Fred
Burns, Dona
Cagle, Carrie
Claborn, Thomas
Cockrell, Lillie
Curtis, Mildred
Curtis, Myrtle
Davis, Andy
Elam, Chester
Gilbreath, Elizabeth
Hambrick, Ethalee
Hampton, Leola
Hunter, Madge
Hunter, Trin
Isbell, Bonnie
Jackson, Chloe
Key, Bertha
Martin, V.M.
McCullar, Creola
Robinson, Nell
Rose, Beatrice
Rose, Lucille
Sutherland, Mary
Tidwell, Opal
Weaver, Pearl
Weaver, Wayne
West, Earl
Wilson, Flora
Wilson, Lee