1930 - 1939


Winston County High School opened its doors in temporary headquarters in September of 1908. Although not yet completed, supplied with furniture, library, or laboratories, the facilities included a large auditorium where classes were held until after Christmas. The new building of native sandstone was completed the following spring at a cost of $9,500. 

This school building burned in the fall of 1913 and school was completed in the fall of 1914, but when the schools consolidated, the building would not accommodate the students, so plans were made for a larger building which was erected in 1930 and in 1935 additions were made. In 1939, WCHS was altered again and new construction was added to house both elementary and high school. This building was located in downtown Double Springs and used until January 30, 1971, when it was consumed by fire. Classes were held in mobile homes until construction began in 1972 and in 1973, a new facility was completed and the students had a separate school for elementary. This present 90 acre school is located on County Road 24.

Baggett, Gladys
Bailey, Burnice
Baughn, Hubert
Boteler, Quinton
Briscoe, Era
Cooper, A.J.
Davis, Hermit
Dodd, Geraldine
Donaldson, Mozelle
Frazier, Minnie Lee
Hunter, Oran
Lovett, Ellis
Moody, Selva
Perry, Constance
Posey, Harvey
Seymour, Aubey
Taylor, Myrtle
Tingle, Spurgeon

Barton, Eva Mae
Burns, Will
Godsey, Pauline
Jackson, Pernie
Lovelady, Clara
Lyle, Cloy
McDonald, Arthenia
Mize, Grace
Noblett, Loyd
Short, Jane
Wakefield, Ida

Blake, Cathryn
Bonds, Patsy
Davis, Pauline
Frazier, Mary
Gray, Flora
Hampton, Vera
Howell, Redford
Lovelady, Talmadge
Lovett, Roy
McVay, Josephine
Snoddy, B.T.
Sutherland, Will Ray
Thomas, Oxie
Yancy, Bonnie


Crittenden, Travis
Reece, Polyanna
Seymour, Edith
Wilson, Bennie Joe

Adkins, Coral
Baggett, Russel
Bearden, Chester
Bearden, Hazel
Bowen, McCauley
Curtis, Mary
Graham, Ben
Hampton, Coy
Jones, Inez
Robinsonn, Lois
Taylor, Agnes
Tidwell, Wallace
Watley, Frank
West, John

Baughn, Irene
Blake, Malcolm
Bonds, Buster
Burns, Omah
Cauthen, Clara
Chambers, Henry
Chambers, Lillian
Cockrell, Lora
Crittenden, Rowena
Dodd, Paul
Farris, Ancle
Hampton, Jame
Howell, Earlene
Howell, Pauline
McDonald, Artrue
Mize, Alta
Robinson, Barbara
Rowland, Wiley
Snoddy, O.C.
Vaughn, Julius
Wakefield, Olin

Amick, Verlin
Baggett, Hazel
Cockrell, Mary
Cooper, Calvert
Davis, Laura
Farris, Mayme
Gray, Ovie
Hampton, Irvin
Hunter, Jerrel
Hunter, Obera
Knight, Hazel
Lester, Hoke
McCullar, Zora
Phillips, Janie Frances
Seymour, May Lou
Taylor, Hubert

Amick, Lillian
Baughn, Pattie Mae
Berry, Bernice
Blake, Wyatt Henry
Blankenship, Vera
Blanton, Hardy
Briscoe, Doyce
Brown, Audrey
Burns, Christine
Burns, Odie
Caughen, Roth
Curtis, Hazel
Curtis, Loyle
Davis, Jeanette
Davis, Malline
Davis, Vernell
Frazier, Elsie
Gilliland, Mary Frances
Hampton, Pernie
Hunter, Isma
Jacobs, Vera
Jones, Lera
Lovelady, Auline
Lovelady, Gladys
Lovett, Wallace
McDonald, Emmerson
Mize, Pernie
Mote, Andrew
O'Mary, Berlin
Peoples, Bill
Pulliam, Maxine
Rice, George Robert
Rowland, Tilden
Seymour, Billie Sue
Seymour, Loyle
Taylor, Learon
Taylor, Lois
Wakefield, Olis
Watts, Gladys
Weaver, Ben
Weaver, Seldon
West, Shannon
Whatley, Elton
White, Ruth
Wilcoson, Ora Belle

Dodd, Lee P.
Farris, Willodean
Gray, Jewell
Guttery, J.M. Jr.
Hampton, Raymond
Lyle, Willie Edna
O'Mary, Louise
Pugh, Raymon
Snoddy, Jane
Snoddy, Ruth
Tidwell, W.C. Jr.

Adkins, Garnet
Berry, Emma
Berry, Eula
Bull, J.C.
Burns, Raymond
Butler, Erma Bessie
Cockrell, Marie
Curtis, Lanier
Davis, Roselle
Godsey, Clara
Godsey, Russel
Howell, Imogene
Johnson, Wallace
Lovelady, Hazel
Lovett, Earline
Lyle, Bufford
Manley, Maxine
Marlow, Martha Lou
Martin, Virginia
Moody, Christine
Peake, Henry
Peake, Kate
Phillips, Stanley O.
Pugh, Bervin
Reeves, Roy B.
Robinson, Elmo
Rose, Mildred
Taylor, Cecil
Taylor, Dayton
Taylor, Lessie Lee
Thomas, Roslee
Turner, Pauline
Wilson, Dessa
Wilson, Frank