Graduation Week 2017

Class of 2017 Graduation Week Activities at Winston County High School Monday May 22, 2017 Awards Day for Grades Nine, Ten, and Eleven will begin at 8:15 in the gym. We will recognize highest class averages, First National Bank Student of the Month for anyone in grades 9-11 who received the honor. Any summer Scholarships for anyone grades 9-11. Students receiving All A and All A/B for the Year, Citizenship for each grade and other recognitions. The ceremony usually runs 90 muinutes. Senior Banquet for the Class of 2017 will be at 6 PM at the DSMS gym. We will begin with the meal followed by scholarship presentations. Class awards from teachers, FNB Student of the Month, highest averages for composite of 4 years in core subjects, Citizenship, top ten medallions, introduction of each class member and other recognitions will be presented. We plan 45 minutes for the meal and 90 minutes for presentations. Please remember in both ceremonies the times are projected and will change according to number of presenters and length of each presentation. Tuesday May 23, 2017 Testing day for grades 9-11. Class of 2017 Class Night Presentation at the DSMS Gym beginning at 7 pm. It should last 60 minutes Wednesday May 24, 2017 Test Day for students grades 9-11 Thursday May 25, 2017 Test day students 9-11 who have not completed testing earlier in the week. Seniors and Band members have graduation practice at 8 am at the stadium Beta Tea will be at 5:30 in the Library for Senior Beta Club Members. Seniors Class of 2017 will need to be in the lunchroom at 6:30 Remember if you need clothes for graduation let us know. Teachers from DSES, DSMS and WCHS need to be in the lunchroom by 6:45 Graduation is at 7:30 at Malcolm Blake Stadium. We would welcome prayers for safety and good weather on Thursday so we could be at the stadium for the ceremony. Thank You

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