Parents of Class of 2021

Class of 2021 Parents


To the Parents of the Class of 2021:

I would like to first congratulate you on your child’s success as they pass through Double Springs Middle School and get ready to enroll in the fall as a ninth grader at Winston County High School. In the years past, I have held a 9th grade orientation meeting with 8th grade parents in early May. The ALSDE now requires an education plan referred to as a Kuder Plan. This plan was developed during the eighth grade year at the middle school and required your signature. Each year the plan will be revised and again require your signature. These signatures are checked when our school is monitored. At any point during a student’s high school career this “Kuder” plan can be revised. This plan has really made what I were doing in May of each year obsolete.

All the questions I would have asked you and your child are already answered with this plan and the student’s pathway to a diploma has been developed. I will meet with 8th grade students before the end of school to explain changes from middle school to high school. We will also introduce opportunities such as Beta Club and Key Club, at this meeting. Again this meeting will take place during the regular school day. There may remain questions you might have for school staff or myself about the 9th grade and this transition from middle school to high school. A meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 24th, at 5:30 in the high school lunchroom to answer any questions. This meeting is scheduled for 90 minutes and will be immediately followed by a sophomore meeting.  There are a few things you will need to know as you go through the summer. Here are some of those questions and the answers.

  1. How does my child get a locker?

 At the 8th grade student meeting held during the regular school day, each student will be given the opportunity to draw a locker number from the 9th grade hallway lockers. This is the only truly fair method to distribute lockers and the student will simply draw a number that will represent a locker that will be assigned to them.  The fee for this locker ($15.00) will be paid for on the night of the parent meeting in July

  1. How does my child get a schedule?

Schedules will be developed from the information you have provided in the Kuder Plan. There is really only one major decision for 9th graders and that deals with math. Your child’s Kuder plan reflects your choice. All other classes are on the Kuder as well, other than Varsity Athletics, Band, Ag, or Home Economics. Mr. Chambless will provide a list of Band students, the coaches will provide a list of athletes based upon the summer workout program, and the Ag/Home Ec. decision can be adjusted between the parent meeting and the beginning of school. Tentative schedules will be available at the July parent meeting.

  1. What is required to enroll in the 9th grade?

All of your information from the 8th grade follows your child to the high school, provided they successfully complete the 8th grade. Most students are due a shot record revision upon entering the 9th or 10th grade. You can determine if your child needs to update their record (Blue Slip) at your doctor or the county health department by looking at the year date on top of your child’s present blue slip.



  1. What if my child needs a schedule change?

After picking up a schedule at the July meeting a method to submit a request for the changes will be provided at the meeting if changes are needed.

5.)               What is included in the 9th grade supply list?                        

                                              9th Grade Supply List

World History                                                                   English

3 ring binder                                                                       Binder

Loose-Leaf paper                                                               Loose Leaf Paper

Pen or Pencil (with eraser)                                                  Pencils

Index Cards (3x5)

Colored Pencils                                                                  Biology

Pencil Pouch that will fit inside of the binder                      Binder with Loose Leaf Paper

Math                                                                                    Pencils and colored pencils

Binder and loose leaf paper, dividers                                               Hand held sharpener

Pencils (no pens), graph paper, scientific calculator


The faculty and staff at Winston County High School would like for you to know that we are honored to be a small part of your child’s life and to be a part in their education process. We do ask for your patience as we try this different road to arrive at the same location for your child and our student. As I have studied what we do each year to ease the transition from middle school to high school, I realized that a portion of what we were doing with schedule requests and a May parent meeting was repetitive and served little if any real purpose. It is my hope that this different approach gives everyone an opportunity to better serve our students and you the parent. I would ask you to remember that your child’s education is a partnership between the parent and the teacher. Our parents have always been a child’s first teacher and remains one of the most important links to our education as we go through life.

This revised format really contains nothing new. We have drawn for lockers in all grades in previous years. This July format allows you to listen to a presentation about the differences as a student moves into the high school years, pay for a locker without the stress of “Where is my locker?” and “Is it a top or bottom locker?”, and have any questions answered by the school staff. This meeting will be 3 weeks before the start of school rather than 3 months as in years past. If there are any changes in policies over the summer, I would be able to explain those rather than having to tell you one thing in May and make changes at the start of school.

You will have the supply list that you can budget across the summer or purchase during the tax free holiday the first weekend in August.

It is our hope as a faculty and staff that these changes make this difficult transition just a little easier. We look forward to having the Class of 2021 as a part of the Winston County High School family.



Jeff Cole


Winston County High School

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