Parents of Class of 2018

Parents of Class of 2018

I would like to first congratulate you on your child reaching this milestone. For the past 12 years each of you have provided your child school clothes, lunch money, field trip money and a wide assortment of fees and cost on this education journey.  Their “senior” year could be the most expensive so I wanted to provide you with a brief overview of what to expect beginning this week. Please understand this is not an all-inclusive list and the cost are estimates. At places I will give you a minimal cost with the total cost varying drastically according to the preference you or your child may decide. All of these cost and timeline of events are strictly Winston County High School events. There could possibly be more events and cost in relationship to classes taken at the Winston County Technical Center. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at school to have those questions answered. Again congratulations upon reaching this milestone and enjoy every moment, in will be over before you realize.

May 2017

Senior Portraits are taken by Bill Miller Photography on two dates. The first of those is the first week of May. This May session is the only session offering outdoor photos. There will be an outdoor session photographed at Loblolly Farms located just a mile down the road from the school. Your child has already brought home a fieldtrip form that allows us to transport them to the session sight. In the library there is the opportunity to have a formal drape as well as another setting. For the setting there is a $20 fee that will provide you with a portfolio to be delivered to you later in June.  This portfolio will be delivered at the school on a date give to you through a post card. A date will be set for orders to be placed later in the summer. The price of packets vary from $100- $400 plus. The second opportunity for a senior portrait will be a senior portrait remake day that is usually in September. At this second session only inside photographs will be made. Every senior should have a drape made because Bill Miller Photography provides the Senior Portrait Drape pictures that appear in the Winsaga. There is no cost to the student to have this drape photo taken. We do not have the capability to upload another photo from another photographer on the Senior Drape page of the annual. Therefore every member of the Class of 2018 should have this photo taken. I would ask you to seriously consider these portraits as Bill Miller Photography is one of very few vendors that give back to our school.


If you child wishes to take the ACT it is usually given in this month. The cost is around $50 and requires a pre-registration usually a deadline is in May. All this information is available on the ACT website.


On Tuesday July 25th at 7 pm there will be a meeting for the Class of 2018 seniors and their parents to sign a few school forms, pick up locker registration and pick up a preliminary schedule.


Transcript Review by the students will take place during class.

College Fair where students meet representatives from different colleges.

Class Officer Elections

September / October

ACT Test

Bevill Bound is a recruiting trip to Bevill State.

Senior Shirts $15.00

Graduation Invitation Orders -

Presentation only for 2 – 3 week period, order later

Senior Portrait Remakes $20.00 setting fee no outside

Senior Night for football/ Cheerleaders / Band members

Beta Homecoming T-Shirts

Senior Night Volleyball, band, cheerleading and Football

School Jackets Orders will be placed in Early September.

November / December

Scholarship Deadlines at Bama, Auburn, UAH, & UNA

College application week.

Graduation Invitation Orders to be placed. ($50 Deposit usually)

Cost is between $0 and a few hundred dollars.  Average $200 - $300

Order Cap & Gown at least $ 60.00 Color changes yearly. Price goes up by $10.00 month beginning in January. Orders are delivered in late February/Early March                                                                                  10% sales tax   $50 deposit no checks


Bevill State Torch Competition

Scholarship Deadlines

Work Keys Testing. This is an ACT based test that will follow you a student through the job application process in jobs that require a work keys test. It is a computer based test that needs to be taken very seriously.

Last ACT Testing before graduation

Honor Cord Orders for Beta Club, Key Club and Tech

Senior Night Basketball


Final payment for Graduation Supplies (Invitations)

Bevill State and Northwest Shoals Scholarship deadlines

Cap & Gown Pictures

Class Night Script written

Prom Expenses Pictures, Group Pictures, Food, Flowers, Clothes

Local Scholarships are due across

Softball/Baseball Senior Night


Alumni Banquet Saturday May 5, 2018

Senior Awards Banquet Monday May 21, 2018 6 PM

Class Night Tuesday May 22, 2018

Graduation Thursday May 24, 2018 & 7:30


Graduation Clothing

In order to make the night of Graduation the Classy Ceremony for the Class of 2018 I ask all boys to dress in Khaki pants, white dress / button down collar shirt, Black tie and dark shoes. I ask the girls to wear a white dress or white shirt and skirt, nude dress shoes without spike heels, no flip- flops. Spike heels will sink up in the field and break off. If anyone has problems getting clothes please let me know. I have a collection of extras or will get clothes for you to use. The earlier I know the better.  

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