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Class Webpage

Aderholt, Ben Principal Mr. Aderholt's Webpage
Bailey, Patty 6th Grade Math Ms. Bailey's Webpage
Baker, Stacey 6th Grade English/Reading Mrs. Baker's Webpage
Batchelor, Haley Counselor Miss. Batchelor's Webpage
Clingan, Felechia Special Education Mrs. Clingan's Webpage
Cobb, Becky 5th and 6th Grade Physical Education Mrs. Cobb's Webpage
Cole, Dianna Special Education Mrs. Cole's Webpage
Cole, Tiffany 7th and 8th Grade Math Mrs. Cole's Webpage
Donaldson, Jenny 5th Grade Science/Social Studies Mrs. Donaldson's Webpage
England, Kevin 7th and 8th Grade Science Mr. England's Webpage
Gilbreath, Beth Gifted Mrs. Gilbreath's Webpage
Gilbreath, Hannah 5th Grade Math Mrs. Gilbreath's Webpage
Gray, Adam Assistant Principal Mr. Gray's Webpage
Hodge, Glenda 5th Grade English Mrs. Hodge's Webpage
Hood, Heath 7th and 8th Grade English Mr. Hood's Webpage
Keef, Phillip 7th and 8th Grade Physical Education/Technology Mr. Keef's Webpage
Mullican, Kathy 6th Grade Science/Social Studies Mrs. Mullican's Webpage
Seymour, Jennifer Library Media Specialist Mrs. Seymour's Webpage
Wakefield, Blaine 7th and 8th Grade History Mr. Wakefield's Webpage
Walker, Thad Director of Bands, WCHS/DSMS Mr. Walker's Webpage