Welcome to Lynn Alabama!

Thank you for visiting our website. We are currently under construction. Please check back soon for more information about our school and the activities that are happening each day. If you have any suggestions about what would be informative or enjoyable to be posted on this site, contact Mr. Tittle or email to webmaster@winstonk12.org.

Lynn High School Mission

The mission of Lynn High School is to provide a safe and supportive learning environment where all students can learn and develop academically, physically, and socially. Teachers will utilize strategic teaching strategies, along with technology, to ensure all students develop a strong educational foundation which will allow them to succeed in their future college and career endeavors, as well as in their adult life. We will seek and encourage parental and community support in order to help our students and school succeed. Successful students will value the importance of education, therefore becoming life-long learners. Individuals who value learning will become productive members of society.


Yearbook Photos

Here you can post your pictures for the yearbook staff to use in this years yearbook. Please visit us often and post your new pictures from ballgames, band events, cheer competitions, school trips, etc. Any pictures posted are subject to being used in our yearbook this year.

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Winston County Schools Purpose and Direction

  • The purpose of the Winston County Schools is to create excellence in providing youth with the encouragement, peer networks, and leadership skills necessary for them to make meaningful contributions to their communities and begin a life-long journey of leadership and service in the 21st century.