Weekly Math Plan

May 1st:

Students will review dividing fractions by a whole number, express real world quantities as ratios, and determine if two ratios are equivalent.  Students will complete lesson review pages 259-264. Homework: Students will complete the homework handout A

May 2nd:

Homework Check: Handout A

Students will find rates and unit rates, solve problems involving distance rate and time, and complete a checkpoint review on pages 265-270. No Homework on Wednesday

May 3rd:

Students will use positive and negative numbers to represent real world quantities, write and evaluate expressions, use inequalities to solve problems on pages 271-276. Homework: Handout B

May 4th:

Homework Check: Handout B

Students will complete the review checkpoint pages 277 and 278, plot polygons on a coordinate grid pages 279-280, and find the area of a parallelogram pages 281-282.

DSMS Talent Show (12:00-3:00) Class #3

May 7th:

Students will describe a set of data using median and mode pages 283-284, find the average of a set of values pages 285-286, use a histogram to organize data on pages 287-288, and analyze data in a histogram on page 289-290. Homework: Handout C

May 8th:

Homework Check: Handout C, 4th Grade Orientation 8:30-9:30, Students will complete a checkpoint review on pages 291 and 292. Students will complete chapter test review pages 1-6. Homework: Handout D

May 9th:

Homework Check: Handout D

Students will complete chapter review pages 7-12.

AR Party (12:30-2:50)

May 10th:

Students will complete chapter review pages 13-20. DSMS Field Day (12:00-3:00)