Ms. Candy’s Newsletter

Week of 8-29-16

Story:  Exploring Space with an Astronaut

Spelling Words

tune     page     nose     space     size     fine     mice     late     cube     blaze     home     vote     erase     confuse     spice    

High-Frequency Words            Amazing Words

(Know to read)                          (Know Definitions)

everywhere     live                       telescope     experiment     astronaut

machines     move     woman       gravity     shuttle     descend     orbit

work     world                                ascend     universe     meteorite     enormous

                                                    launch     journey


Reading Homework

Mon.—Fluency Passage and story in folder

Tues.—Exploring Space with an Astronaut – pg. 44-59

Wed. —Library Book (read two times)

Thurs.— Exploring Space with an Astronaut – pg. 44-59

Fri.No Homework

Please have your child read at least 15 minutes every day.  The way to become a better reader is to read, read, read.


Go Math: Chapter 1:  Different Ways to Write Numbers, Different Names for Numbers, Tens and Ones, Counting Patterns Within 100, Counting Patterns Within 1,000

*MATH TEST* - Wednesday or Thursday depending on how well they do on review

There will be one math worksheet for homework Mon, Tues, Wed, & Thurs.  If your child brings math homework on other days or brings more than one sheet it will be because they did not complete their classwork.

Important Dates Coming Up

Sept. 5th – Labor Day – NO SCHOOL!!  J

Tattoos are sold each week during football season.  An order form will be sent home with your child on Friday or Monday.  They must return the order form and $1 per tattoo ordered to receive a tattoo.

TEACHER WEB PAGE:  You can access my web page through the county and school’s web site.  I will have newsletters, announcements, important dates, and pictures on the site.  That way if a newsletter gets misplaced you will still have access to it on-line.  Also, I have links to other sites that have helpful learning games the kids are already familiar with.  Here are directions for accessing my web page:

Go to winstonk12.org.  Click on “Schools” then choose Double Springs Elementary School.  Hold the cursor over “Our Links” then click on “Teacher webpages”.  This will pull up an alphabetical listing of teachers at our school.  Click on my name to access my page. 


Monica – 2nd

Abby– 29th