Ms. Candy’s Newsletter

Week of 9-26-16

Spelling Words (Test Thursday)

part          hard         born         horse        before      more

smart       farm         porch        corn          score       *cardinal

*therefore        *morning

High-Frequency Words            Amazing Words

(Know how to read)                    (Know the definitions)

once         listen                        slipped      collar        brave

family       family                       avalanche  rescue      courageous

break        pull   hard                 skittish     instinct     fast-paced

                                                   blustery    hazard

(Please study these words with your child.)

Reading Homework

Mon.—Fluency Passage and story in folder

Tues.—Tara and Tiree p. 166

Wed. —Library Book (Read 2 Times)

Thurs.— Tara and Tiree p. 166

Fri.No Homework

Please have your child read at least 15 minutes every day.  The way to become a better reader is to read, read, read.


Go Math–Ch. 2: Group Tens & Ones as Hundreds; Explore 3-Digit Numbers; Hands on–Model 3-Digit Numbers; Hundreds, Tens, and Ones