Spring-  In the spring, fresh winds blow.  We plant new seeds, and green buds grow.  Eggs hatch open.  Little chicks sing.  The sun is out.  It must be spring!  The grass gets wet.  Splish!  Splash!  Splish!  When we step, we hear it squish. 


Summer-  Then summer is here and it gets hot.  We are not in school.  We play a lot.  Bugs buzz and hum.  The plants grow tall.  Next to them, I look small.  Summer goes fast, and when it ends, we will go back to school with all our friends. 


Fall-  In fall, the leaves are red, yellow, and brown.  In a gust of wind, they will fall down.  The leaves crunch as we jump and hop.  It is such fun, we cannot stop!  Animals get nuts and pack them away.  They will have lots to eat on a cold day. 


Winter-  When it is winter, cold winds blow. It is fun to sled on the soft snow.  When it is cold, some animals rest.  This animal has a nap in a nest.  A hat on a shelf gives us a plan.  We will put the hat on a big snowman!

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.  Which is best?  We like them all!