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Winston County High School has been selected as a recipient for the Alabama Access for Higher Education Grant (AAHE) for the 2013-14 academic year. AAHE was established in 2011, in collaboration between the Appalachian Regional Commission and Bevill State Community College. The goal of this grant is to increase postsecondary education attainment in Appalachian Alabama. We would like to thank the Commission and Mrs. Rhonica Raines of Bevill State Community College for working with us this year. The opportunities afforded our student body have provided great incentives for them to pursue a postsecondary career. See photos...


All American Cheerleaders/Mascot
Leslie will be participating in The London Parade January 1, 2015


Winston County High School
Purpose Statement

wchsWinston County High School is dedicated to providing a safe environment where all students are provided rigorous and relevant academics, supplied with the skills and knowledge to be life-long learners who are college and career ready, and encouraged to develop an appreciation for learning, to communicate in an evolving world, and to realize their responsibilities as productive citizens to each other and our community.
Mr. Jeff Cole, Principal
Mr. Bart Shannon, Assistant Principal 

Winston County Schools Purpose & Direction

The purpose of the Winston County Schools is to create excellence in providing youth with the encouragement, peer networks, and leadership skills necessary for them to make meaningful contributions to their communities and begin a life-long journey of leadership and service in the 21st century.