Principal's Message

Marla Murrah

I recently had the opportunity to attend a training for the Medal of Honor Character Development Program. The lessons are filled with stories of our country's brave recipients of the Medal of Honor, the highest award given for military service. These soldiers stood up in face of great peril and accomplished extraordinary feats; many of them, however, would not call themselves heroes. They say they were compelled to act for various reasons, but above all what stood out was how many of them said that it all came down to their love for each other.

We may not know a Medal of Honor recipient to call "hero," but we have our parents, grandparents, teachers, friends. We have our police, fire fighters, first responders, and paramedics. We also have several individuals living in this area who served valiantly in the military service, and some who continue to serve. Whoever your heroes may be, make sure to take time to thank these individuals for their acts both great and small. They don't work to receive fame and honor; they serve because they love their fellow man and woman and want to help those around them.

We hope to implement the Medal of Honor Character Development Program to help students better see that positive values such as integrity, commitment, bravery, and selflessness are in each of them. As we move forward into the spring semester, we at Meek will keep our focus on our students' academic learning, but we will also work to strengthen our students' character in order to help motivate them to be the absolute best they can be. 




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