Current Student Opportunities

Last Updated: 7/27/2019 1:02 AM

Outdoor Alabama Photo Contest

The contest is open to adults and youth. A total of 10 photos per person may be entered in the following categories. You may enter all 10 in one category or divide the 10 among several categories.


Bryant Jordan Scholarship Awards

Senior student-athletes have the opportunity to apply for one of two awards offered through the Bryant-Jordan Foundation:

1. The Student-Athlete Achievement Award is intended to recognize those students who have become the "best they can be" and who have demonstrated their desire to achieve. The criteria considered in the selection process include the student's academic performance relative to ability, the student's athletic performance relative to ability and the obstacles that the student may have overcome to attain that level of achievement.

2. The Outstanding Scholar-Athlete Award is intended to recognize a student who is both a superior athlete and an outstanding student. The nominee should have played an important role in the interscholastic athletic program of the school, as well as maintaining the highest standards of academic performance.

The deadline to apply is always within the first two weeks of January. See Ms. Murrah for an application.

The Rural Health Scholars Program

The Rural Health Scholars Program (sponsored by the University of Alabama) is open to applicants who are currently in the 11th grade. The ultimate goal of the program is to make quality health care more available to our rural communities. The requirements to apply include: 
1) resident of rural Alabama for 5 years; 
2) Taken ACT with writing section and score at least a 21 or equivalent;
3) Currently a junior with a B average; 
4) Two letters of recommendation; 
5) Statement of interest essay. For an application, see Mrs. Jordan.
All applications must be postmarked by mid-March.