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Rhonda West




My name is Rhonda West.  I began my education right here at Double Springs Elementary School, and I am a proud 1984 graduate of Winston County High School.  My teaching journey officially began in March of 1989.  Over the years, I have been a classroom teacher in almost every grade level from K-6.  I entered the library in August 2002, and it is the best job in the school.  I am also the driver of bus SE-3 for the Winston County Transportation Department.  I am married to Patrick West (since 1988), and we have two daughters.  Anna Kate teaches 8th Grade Social Science at Muscle Shoals Middle School.  She lives in Florence with her husband, Jordan Campbell.  Abby teaches 8th grade Social Science at Rogers High School. She lives in Lexington with her husband, Hunter Collier.  We also have our labradoodle, Max, and our golden doodle, Higgins.  In addition to church, work, family, and community activities, I like to read, walk, bike ride, camp, play piano and go riding in our side-by-side.  I love my job, our school, and our town.  GO JACKETS!! (and Roll Tide!)


BS Elementary Education: University of North Alabama

MA Elementary Education: University of Alabama Birmingham

Add on Library of Science: Jacksonville State University


Contact Information:


Phone- 205-717-3322 

I am usually available between the hours of 8:00am-11:00am, Monday-Friday when school is in session.


What Does the DSES Librarian Do? 

-Encourages a love for books and reading

-Has a 30 minute scheduled time for grades kindergarten-second grade classes one day a week during which we may read, have lessons on library skills, do author studies, sing, dance, learn, talk (quietly of course), have book discussions, check-out books, etc

-Meets with third and fourth grade classes about once every 2 weeks to trade books and have a skills lesson.

-Collaborates with classroom teachers to promote learning

-Assists teachers in locating books, videos, equipment

-Manages the library collection which includes:

1) ordering new books, audio-visual materials, equipment, magazines, etc.

2) cataloging new materials to get them ready for check-out

3) repairing and maintaining books and equipment

4) weeding the collection

-Manages the DSES Web Page

-Serves as editor of the yearbook


Library Check-out Policies:

Kindergarteners are allowed to check out 1 book per week during their regular scheduled library time.
First and Second Graders are allowed to check out 1 book per week during their regular scheduled library time.  Students select books according to the homeroom teacher's instructions. 

Third and Fourth Graders are allowed to check out 2-3 books during their periodic library visits.  Students select books according to the homeroom teacher's instructions. 

Book Return Policies:

K-2 students are allowed to keep a book out for 1 week from the day of check-out.  

Third and fourth grade students should return books during their following visit to the library.

Students are responsible for the total cost of the book if the book is lost or returned damaged.

I encourage the students to always keep their library book in their backpack unless it is in their hands or desk at school.

This way it is safe from siblings, pets, accidental spills, etc., and it will always be at school on their library day which helps them avoid overdue charges and allows them to swap it for another book.