Summer P-EBT Update

DHR Graphic

Please read below and the document at this link for more information:

ALSDE submitted about 451,000 students’ names to Alabama DHR on July 5, 2022.

This file included students who were eligible (free, free DC snap, DC snap extended and reduced) as of the close of SY2021-2022. Those also included graduates who actually graduated at the end of the school year (no early year graduates).

Students who became eligible as of the August 31, 2022 deadline will be pulled on September 30, 2022 and submitted to Alabama DHR at that time or the following week.

This file will include students who are eligible (free, free DC snap, DC snap extended, DC Medicaid, DC Medicaid extended, reduced and DC reduced Medicaid).

Alabama will process that file as soon as it goes through and pass their test environment.  It could take a full month for this to fully process. Therefore, it could be late October or sometime in November before they will receive the benefits.

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