• Make all notes and corrections on a separate sheet of paper.
    • Place a check mark beside each item that is in your classroom and correctly marked with the assigned control number.
    • If a listed item is NOT in your classroom, write the new location of the item on a separate sheet of paper.  If you do not know the location and cannot locate it, mark it as unknown location (you are still responsible for the item until it is found).
    • If you have items you would like to discard or delete please fill out a discard form on each item and send it to me.  All items will need to have an inventory number listed on the form. This is a good time to purge your inventory list and get rid of obsolete items.  Once you have filled out a discard form the item discarded will need to be removed from the room to a central location where it can be disposed.
    • For an item that is in your classroom but not listed on the report: If the item is marked with an inventory number, write a brief description and the inventory number at the bottom of the report. If the item is not marked with an inventory number and the cost of the item is $500.00 or greater, write the date of purchase, value of item, description, and serial number at the bottom of report. IMPORTANT:  Do not assign inventory numbers; they will be assigned at central office.
    • Sign at the bottom of the report and return to your principal.   


» Transfer inventory Form » When moving an item from one location to another.

» Addition of inventory Form » All inventory numbers are assigned at Central Office. The number is then sent to the principal/designee who will inform the teacher to write the number on the item.    Failure to do so will result in an incorrect classroom listing during the annual check. Note: Do not assign numbers to your new items as this will cause duplicate entries in the system.

» Discard inventory Form » When a Discard Inventory form is submitted: It is processed at the Central Office, signed by the superintendent, and the permission to discard form is then sent back to the school principal. All non-repairable electronics and computer equipment can then be placed in the school’s storage area until it is picked up by the recycling truck. NEVER put in the garbage.
If you have useable items that no longer serve a purpose for your classroom, attempt to find another teacher who may use it. If no one in your school can use it you may want to email everybody to see if another school in our county can use it. Another way is to sell the items by public sale. Proceeds from the sale of surplus property will be receipted to the Central Office general fund and credited back to the school site budget from which the original purchase of the property was made. All schools have a storage area for the surplus items to be stored until the sale. 

» Completing the annual inventory report - be sure to have a permanent marker with you as you check your report. If a number is faded or hard to read you can easily correct it. Annual inventory reports must be turned in to the Central Office by September 30th of each year (File:ECCL). Write on the report any changes that need to be made. For example, if you have an item in your room that is not on your report, write the description and inventory number on the bottom of the report. Do not write "discard" on any item just because it is not in your room. If an item is listed on the report but not in your room, please make every effort to locate it. If it is not located, put a question mark beside it. I will check other reports for it.  If you are not sure about an item, or you need more information, you can call or email

» Phone Quote Form (required for purchasing items $3,000-7,499 that are not on the state bid list)
» Request to Sell a Fixed Asset Form (read the Guidelines here)
» Inventory Designee Form (for Principals)
» Bookkeeper Monthly Report Form (for bookkeepers)
» iPad Accident Form 

Help for FAQs:
» Coding of Equipment for Inventory (for bookkeepers)
» Purchases Requiring Board Approval

Accounts Payable:

Vendor payments are mailed 10th, 20th, 30th of each month

Mrs. Sandra Lester  ext. 6713