Winston County 2nd Graders Celebrate their Heroes at their Super Citizen Program Celebration!

Liberty's Legacy

Winston County's second graders took part in their annual Liberty's Legacy, a program meant to encourage good citizenship by honoring community members who are good examples. This year's honorees are Sylvia Morgan, Addison; Ashley Swindle, Meek; Judy Sartin, Lynn; and Paula Martin, Erica Taylor, Heather Tucker, and Josh Tucker for Double Springs Elementary. All honorees are important to their communities, but one is one of our very own cafeteria managers. Lynn Elementary chose to honor Judy Sartin, and they explained why they honored her in their hero essay.


Click here to read the full article on the Liberty's Legacy website.

Lynn Elementary honors their cafeteria manager, Judy Sartin.

What is a Hero?

What is a Hero second page

We are proud of our second graders and all those who make this experience a positive one! 

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