Ms. Candy’s Newsletter

Week of 8-22-16

We begin our reading series and our regular schedule this week.  We will have spelling tests and a fill-in-the-blank test using spelling words on Thursdays.  The computer reading test on our story, vocabulary test, and grammar test will be on Friday.  We go over the vocabulary words every day in class, but please study them with them at home also.  We go to the library on Wednesdays at 10:55 so please make sure your child brings their book to school on that day.

Spelling Words

drum     rock     list   desk     job     sad     chop     sack     tag     rib     mess     dust     pocket     lettuce      engine    

High-Frequency Words                         Amazing Words (Vocabulary Words)

beautiful   country   friend                        investigate   rural   urban   creature  

front   someone   somewhere                  underground   brittle   dart   decision



Reading Homework (Unit 1 Week 1)

Mon.—Fluency Passage and story in folder                  GREAT FIRST WEEK!          

Tues.—Iris and Walter – pg. 16-35

Wed. —Library book (read two times)                        THANKFUL FOR THIS CLASS! 

Thurs.— Iris and Walter – pg. 16-35

Fri.No Homework

Please have your child read at least 15 minutes every day.  The way to become a better reader is to read, read, read.



GO Math Ch. 1:  Even and Odd Numbers, Place Value, Expanded Form, Different Ways to Write Numbers, Different Names for Numbers

There will be one math worksheet for homework every day.  If your child brings math homework on other days or brings more than one sheet it will be because they did not complete their classwork. 



Sept. 5th – Labor Day – NO SCHOOL!!  J

Tattoos are sold each week during football season.  An order form will be sent home with your child on Friday or Monday.  They must return the order form and $1 per tattoo ordered to receive a tattoo.


Kyle R. – 4th

Jordyn B. – 14th

William G. – 14th