Ms. Candy’s Newsletter

Week of 10-17-16

Story:  Bremen Town Musicians

Spelling Words

note   notes   lunch   lunches   story   stories   tune   tunes   switch   switches   baby   babies   crumbs   supplies   centuries

High-Frequency Words                 Amazing Words

(Know to read)                               (Know definitions)

bought        people                            robbers       musician      mill

pleasant      probably                        monsters     survival       solution

scared         shall                                miserable    insist           partnership

sign                                                   depend        familiar       struggle



Reading Homework

Mon.—Fluency Passage and story in folder

Tues.—Bremen Town Musicians – P. 256

Wed. —Library Book (Test tomorrow)

Thurs.— Bremen Town Musicians – P. 256

Fri.No Homework

Please have your child read at least 15 minutes every day.  The way to become a better reader is to read, read, read.


Go Math! – Chap. 3: Use Equations to Represent Problems, Problem Solving – Equal Groups, Algebra – Repeated Addition

Please be sure to sign your child’s homework assignment sheet in their purple folder each day.  The homework portion of this grade will be taken from their assignment sheet. 

                                         Important Dates Coming Up

Oct. 21st – Cancer Awareness Lunch

Oct. 21st – Lady Liberty Kick-Off (Wear RED, WHITE, OR BLUE!)

Oct. 24th – In-Service – NO SCHOOL!  J

Oct. 25th – Parent Teacher Conference – NO SCHOOL FOR KIDS!  J


26th – Wear Red:  “Red”-y to live a drug free life.

27th – Wear mismatched clothes:  Don’t let drugs “mix” you up.

28th – Wear Team Colors:  “Team Up” against drugs.

Oct. 27th – Third Grade Wax Museum


Zack M. – Oct. 24th

Students Who Have Reached Their A.R. Goal:

Nate W.                            Abby G.

Zack M.                            Dean S.

Hunter R.                          Danica B.

William G.                        Logan T.

Haigen J.                          Zaina B.

Kyle R.