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Superintendent's Message

Greg Pendley

I would like to welcome you to Winston County Schools. The strength of the Winston County School System lies within the knowledge, talents, and efforts of the individuals who comprise the District. Winston County Schools are blessed with capable students, dutiful employees, dedicated parents, professional board members and a supportive community. All of our many accomplishments are directly related to the extraordinary commitment that these stakeholders share. The good people of Winston County Schools are committed to grow our excellence. 

Our schools are a source of pride in Winston County due to the reputation of excellence established at its inception in 1908 and that continues to the present. This reputation did not happen by chance, but was created by the desire of officials and citizens to provide a quality learning opportunity for students. The early administrators were very effective in establishing a district designed for success. We want our students to develop a sense of pride in Winston County and we attempt to instill pride in our students for their schools and county. We want them to be proud to say, "We are from the Free State of Winston”.

Winston County School System Mission Statement, Values, and Beliefs

Mission Statement: The Winston County School System will prepare students for the 21st Century by engaging all learners in meaningful learning experiences that meet the highest educational and ethical standards in a caring, collaborative learning community supported through partnerships with parents and families, businesses, civic organizations, and higher education.

Values and Beliefs:

• have a shared responsibility for their own learning;
• have individual learning styles, needs, and gifts; education is most successful when these attributes are respected and utilized;
• must be prepared to embrace new opportunities and challenges in order to successfully transition from school to post-secondary education and/or careers;
• school readiness is a critical component of school success.

• are a student’s first teacher;
• have a shared responsibility for their student’s learning;
• must be empowered by schools to prepare for and support their student’s learning;
• have the right to be involved and informed about school policies and their student’s progress.

• Every employee is an educator and has shared responsibility for student learning;
• Effective classroom teachers are critical and assume primary responsibility for student learning;
• Effective leadership is key to student learning;
• Collaboration is fundamental to successful outcomes;
• Advancing the capabilities of all employees is essential to an excellent educational system.

• Learning is best served when collaboration occurs among students, parents, school and district personnel, and communities;
• Communities benefit from a strong public education system;
• Well managed physical facilities are a community asset and must be specifically designed, constructed, and maintained to advance learning.

Education System:
• Education enhances the quality of life and is the foundation for a strong and free society;
• Education is a dynamic process improved through a continuous cycle of assessment, reflection, and modification;
• Educational resources must be managed effectively, transparently, and equitably;
• High standards and expectations must be maintained through a system of accountability.