More School History

Meek's First Faculty


Union Grove was located on Highway 41 where the late Jesse Wadsworth's house now stands. It was a log building, and was built in the early 1800's.  It burned.


Pine Ridge was located where the Pine Ridge Church now stands.


Dismal was built of pine logs, 20 feet square.  The seats were rough boards with no backs.  The first teacher, John Connelly, last teacher, Rosa Gibson Fuller.


Old Arley School House was the only two room school for miles.  Built in 1903, the Mason's used the upper story.  It was located across the road from Arley Baptist Church.


Nathan, just east of the Nathan historical marker, was where once stood old Nathan Church.  It was built in 1898, and also used as a school.


Smith School House was started from Eagle School and Smith School.  Eagle District # 33 was built in the late 1800's, and so was Smith School.  Eagle School was located about 2 miles north of where the Arley Christian Congregational Church now stands.  Smith and Eagle came together to build a school and meeting house.  School was first taught there in 1911.


Bethel was built in 1874.  It was an eighteen foot square building wher the Bethel No. 1 church now stands.


McClellan Chapel was located where the newer Bethel Church is located.  The school was moved there from Melville about 1906.  The school had a nickname, Possum Trot.


Anton was located in the Wilson Bend, and there isn't much information on the school.


Flat Rock was located near the United Methodist Church at Flat Rock. 


All schools consolidated in 1923 to form Meek School.  Later, Fall City and Helican joined Meek School.